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WPA Pinfold Ltd


Owners/board of directors:


Myles Pinfold Expand biography

Founder and Managing Director

Myles is a qualified designer and member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Society of Designers and Chartered Society of Typographic Designers. He has over 30 years of experience helping clients (in the UK, Europe, the USA and Far East) to use brand design as a strategic marketing tool in the commercial development of their businesses. His primary role is to provide strategic consultancy to WPA Pinfold’s clients and ensure that both marketing and creative objectives are fulfilled. Clients have included: Carlsberg, Cadbury, Tesco, McDonalds, Lowenbrau, Heineken and Hitachi.

Other key people in the agency:


Richard Hurst Expand biography

Creative Director

Richard is a qualified designer and is Creative Director at WPA Pinfold. He has been with WPA Pinfold for over 25 years and has extensive experience in strategic development and project management of major brand and corporate design projects. Major projects have included: delivering the brand refresh and acting as brand mentor for RWE npower, acting as the corporate brand manager for RWE in the UK, the director for brand communications strategy for National Grid, Lead role in brand strategy and corporate communications for Arriva in Europe and approved for brand compliance for Deutsche Bahn in the UK.


Stuart Morey Expand biography

Brand Director

Stuart has been with WPA Pinfold for over 14 years and has 22 years experience as a practicing brand designer. Stuart has worked in Edinburgh, London and Leeds and has an impressive breadth?of market knowledge and brand expertise. He specialises in brand identity creation and implementation, and as such is our Brand Director across both our retail and corporate identity design teams. Stuart also has solid project management skills ensuring attention to detail throughout the design and production process.

New business contact:


Emily Horsley

Marketing Assistant