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  • Health and Safety Policy

    Health and safety policy - a legal requirement for businesses of 5 or more staff showing arrangements put in place for managing health and safety in the agency.

  • Diversity Policy

    This is a diversity policy - it will document the agency's approach to hiring staff from different ethnic and minority backgrounds as well as possibly different sexual orientation.

  • Disaster Recovery Plan / Procedure

    Disaster Recovery Plan / Procedure - a document illustrating the process that will ensure business continuity in the event of an unanticipated happening such as a power failure, fire or flood.

  • Intellectual Property Policy

    Intellectual Property Policy - This is an overview of the agency's approach to IP and its exchange, illustrating who owns the IP at the end of the project.

  • Training Policy

    Training Policy - an overview of how the agency's staff stay up to date with training on everything from the latest software versions to personal skills.

  • Data Protection Statement

    Data Protection Statement - details how the agency deals with data protection from looking after client company details, to working with confidential information and projects.

  • HR / Employment Policy

    HR / Employment Policy - should document how the agency recruits, looks after, manages and lets go of all staff. It should document procedures such as grievance / complaints as well as staff holiday entitlement.

  • Environment Policy

    Environment Policy - deals with the agency's approach to environmental issues and how it works with and supports clients from an environmental standpoint.

  • Code of Conduct Statement

    Code of Conduct Statement - how agency staff are expected to behave at agency premises, at clients’ premises, on neutral ground and perhaps after hours.

  • Ethical Policy

    Ethical Policy - details the moral and ethical standpoint of the agency's business, detailing the types of clients they would, or would not, like to work with?

  • Use of sub contractors statement

    Use of sub contractors - how and when the agency might use sub-contractors (e.g. freelancers, photographers), how they select and vet them, as well as how they might be remunerated. It details their responsibilities, and the agency's, to the client.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Dispute Resolution - documents the processes the agency has in place to deal with a client dispute.

  • Agency / Organisational Chart

    Company / Organisational Chart - illustration of the structural set up of the agency.

  • Sustainability Policy

    Sustainability Policy - how the agency manages themselves internally in a sustainable way (recycling cartridges, carbon footprint, travel etc.)