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Chaos Design Ltd

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Date established

1st April 2002

Company type

Limited Company

Head office

32 High Street

Contact details

t: 01483 557 800
f: 01483 557 755
e: peter.c@chaosdesign.com
w: www.chaosdesign.com

Who we are

About Chaos

We deliver brand development & marketing communication through Creative Enablement™ - the ability to achieve critical business goals by delivering effective creative communication campaigns through the power of Chaos Thinking™. Building brands, changing perceptions, penetrating markets, winning hearts and minds.

Brand Comms | Marketing Comms | Digital Comms | Internal Comms

What we do

We can strengthen your market position, image and profile. Our strategic approach will improve the way you communicate with your clients and customers with dramatic results.

Our approach, which seeks to add value at all times, means that no project is ever treated in isolation - everything we do will be viewed in the context of moving your business forward.

We challenge, we improve, we deliver. We have evidence to demonstrate that our work makes small companies look bigger, big companies look better and our personal contacts look great back at the office.

New business contact

Evylene McKenzie

Client Services Director
e: evylene.m@chaosdesign.com

Peter Campbell

Chief Enthusiast & Managing Director
e: peter.c@chaosdesign.com

Overseas offices

Lausanne (Switzerland)

Overseas Markets

Information not yet supplied

VAT number

Information not yet supplied

Date joined DBA

December 2006


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